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BadagryOnline is the foremost promoter of Badagry's Historical heritage, partnering with several reputable and exprienced tour guides. We promote The Arts, Culture, Lifestyle and Tourist Heritage of the People of Badagry. The cradle of Civilization in Nigeria.
Badagry today has many beaches, beautiful hotels and resorts. It is a vacation, holiday and relaxation destination of choice for local and foreign tourist who bask in its rich aquatic splendor and unrivaled historical heritage sites. You can spend a day, weekend or entire vacation with family and loved ones.
The historical and coastal town of Badagry is situated in Lagos State, Nigeria and it plays a major role in the history of Nigeria, Early European settlers, merchants, missionaries and slave merchants consider Badagry as an important entry point into the continent of Africa. This was the reason why Badagry was a destination of choice for the shipment of Slaves to the Americas, It was a major slave outpost and market during the inglorious slave trade era. Today Badagry is a thriving tourist location in Nigeria, its numerous historical heritage sites and artifacts attracts people of African descent from all over the world who desires to trace their roots back to Mother Africa and to explore the historical facts of the slave trade era.


    The First Storey Building in Nigeria is located at Boekoh quarters in Badagry. Rev. C. A. Gollmer built it in June 1845. The building was built with bunt bricks from...

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    The gospel of Christianity was first preached in Nigeria under the tree by Rev. Thomas Birch Freeman of Wesleyan Mission, on the 24th of September, 1842 ...

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Uncover 600 Years old History

  • Gberefu Island

    The Point of No Return

  • Vlekete

    Slave auction podium at Slave Market

  • Seriki Abass Compund

    Brazillian Barracoon of 40 Slave Cells and aritifacts

  • Mobee Royal Family

    Slave relics museum

  • Badagry Heritage Museum

    Tourists in a group photograph at Badagry Heritage Museum

  • Missionaries Cemetary

    The cemetry where Christian Missionaries where interned

  • Vlekete Slave Market

    The Slave Market established in 1502

  • Slave Aution Podium

    Situated in the Slave Market

Showcasing Badagry's Heritage to the world....

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